Zone data and builds

The .nz zone and second level zones (,, etc) change throughout the day as new domain names are registered, domain names are cancelled and amendments are made in the SRS database.  Accordingly these are built using the SRS database as the authoritative register of domain names at regular intervals.

Currently we update the second level zones every hour with the changes made over the last hour and do a full rebuild once a day.  We use multiple techniques to check the integrity of zones before and after they are distributed to the nameservers.

The distribution of zones sees them first being loaded on two hidden primary nameserver that then securely contact the secondary nameservers, who then contact a primary and securely download the zone updates.

What we publish in our zones

The SRS accepts authoritative name server details, for up to 10 nameservers, for any .nz domain name and the details of these nameservers are published in the .nz zones as delegations.  There is no requirement that any delegated name servers are within the domain for which they are authoritative and we do not check the nameservers to ensure they are operating or configured correctly.

Glue records

Where the nameservers for a domain are under the domain name itself then we require the IP addresses (IPv4 and/or IPv6) for the nameservers, to be supplied before we can publish the delegations.  These IP address details are generally known as 'Glue Records'.  If registrars provide IPv6 addresses, there MUST be an IPv4 address provided, not just an IPv6 address.

The full technical details supporting IPv4 and IPv6 Glue records are available here....(pdf)