Vision, Mission, Values and Goals


A world class Internet in NZ.


To provide world class critical Internet infrastructure and authoritative Internet data.


The Board, management and staff are committed to the following set of values in the way NZRS operates:

  • Ethical behaviour shown by professional practice with integrity.
  • Excellence in service and systems through continuous improvement, technological innovation and understanding the customers.
  • Independence of contribution, diversity of views, evidence-based opinion.
  • Commitment to leadership, innovation and an outward focus.
  • Inclusive approach, accessible and uncomplicated.
  • Respect for fair competition in the market place through efficiency and transparency.

These values shape the culture of the company.

Strategic Goals

Our five strategic goals are to:

  1. Deliver a world-class domain name service to registrars, their customers and all Internet users.
  2. Deliver world-class registry services that continually improve.
  3. Support InternetNZ through tangible contributions of income, governance and management resources, and expert knowledge.
  4. Develop our services and technology within a long term evolutionary framework to meet the future needs of Internet users.
  5. Deliver, in partnership with DNCL, a successful long term strategy for .nz.