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Jay Daley, Chief Executive

Jay started at NZRS in early 2009, moving to NZ with his family from the UK where he had previously been the Director of IT for Nominet the .uk registry. Jay first used the Internet in 1987, beginning his career as a developer and network administrator and has since had a range of roles in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. In the global domain name industry Jay is well known for his analysis and insight into all aspects of registry operations and his strategic contribution to the development of registries. Since moving to NZ he has learned to fish and drive a jet ski but still does not own a concrete mixer.

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Dave Baker, Chief Technology Officer

Dave has had over 20 years experience in the IT industry. Dave has had permanent and consultancy roles with a number of large companies encompassing a variety of industries including banking, insurance, oil, manufacturing and utilities in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Dave started out in IT as a developer in a mainframe environment before moving into client server development roles using object oriented programming languages. Dave joined NZRS shortly after the go-live of the implemention of the Shared Registry System.

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Angela Ogier, Chief Operating Officer

Angela recently joined NZRS after holding senior leadership roles in the energy industry internationally.  Originally  trained as an engineer, she is experienced in business strategy,  planning and commercial negotiations.  In her spare time she enjoys both spending time with her daughters and running away from them as she is training for her second marathon.

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Tracy Johnson, Channel Manager

An outgoing member of the team, Tracy works with each registrar to discuss a personal, well tailored plan to assist with their .nz domain business.  Experience in Account Management developed Tracy’s passion to offer enthusiastic and professional service to clients.  She specialises in assisting business with their growth strategies.  Her results are built on her reputation for being a great communicator, reinforced by her personal approach and success in forming trusted client relationships.  There is nothing Tracy enjoys more than  helping business’s to achieve their goals.  Tracy is passionate about giving back to the community, often using her networking and event organisation skills to facilitate charity fundraising events.  She also enjoys exploring NZ’s scenic bush walks.

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Sebastian Castro, Technical Research Manager

Sebastian obtained a MSc and Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Chile in the area of Computer Networks. Before arriving to New Zealand, he spent a two-year sabbatical working as DNS Analyst for CAIDA, mainly involved in the analysis of DITL (Day In The Life of Internet) data. Before that, he shared his time between DNS Operations for the .CL registry and lecturer for the CS Department of the University of Chile.

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Sue Carter, Office Manager

Sue is responsible for managing the administrative tasks of the organisation, assists in the preparation of financial and accounting activities and provides board support.

Mike Gray, Applications Specialist

Mike started at NZRS in mid-2012 having spent the previous five years as a technical lead for a U.S.-based applications support team in a large corporate environment. Mike started off in IT doing contract systems and network administration work before moving into the applications space and now enjoys problem-solving across a variety of systems and technologies. Mike also has a personal interest in Information Security and can occasionally be found at Wellington I.T. Security meetings and events.

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Dane Foster, Senior Systems Administrator

Dane has been working in the sysadmin and network engineering fields for 15 years, across 17 countries spread all over the world. From his beginnings in Canada he has helped run the systems for the World Rally Championships, been instrumental in setting up an affordable ISP in Fiji, and ensured CityLink’s network stays functional here in New Zealand. He’s a keen motorcyclist, a motorcycle race team owner and adventurer, and a fan of craft beer and dogs (and especially, places where one can have both). Dane joined NZRS in early 2014, and is tasked with maintaining the infrastructure on which all .nz sites run.

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Josh Simpson, Systems Administrator

Josh joined the NZRS systems administrator team in early-2014 to assist in maintaining the .nz infrastructure. In a previous life he shared the technical responsibilities of maintaining and expanding the reach of Wellington based internet provider Actrix.
He has personal interests in all things tech and gadgets, runs a home virtualization lab, enjoys the occasional sci-fi movie, and has also been known to lurk at Kiwicon and NZNOG conferences. 

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Daniel Griggs, Systems Administrator

Daniel has been working in the IT industry for 15 years, during that time he has worked for New Zealand ISPs such as Paradise Net and FX Networks, working as both a Unix Systems Administrator and DWDM Architect. His work has ranged from manning the helpdesk, through to planning and excuting nation wide transmission network upgrades.
When not at work Daniel can often be found on-board an aeroplane travelling to far off locations or trying the variety of coffees and beers on offer in Wellington. 

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Jean-Marc Messina, Systems Administrator

Jean-Marc has worked for a French hosting company for six years. During that time, he performed a number of different tasks including desktop support, datacenter management and finally, Linux system administration. The growing curiosity for New Zealand has however, pushed him abroad. After a short assignment at the Wellington City Council he has joined the system administration team at NZRS.
Unplugged from a computer, he will probably be seen running after a 175g plastic UFO, also called Frisbee on an ultimate pitch, or enjoying an ice-cream on Wellington's waterfront. 

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Taras Klish, Senior Developer

Taras joined NZRS in early 2014 having spent over 20 years in the IT industry. Taras has been involved in the development of the Internet on a variety of roles in Ukraine and New Zealand, worked on software development for New Zealand and the U.S hospitality industry and telco companies.  As a member of the new development team Taras is responsible for the development and support of core .nz software systems.  Taras likes good music, virtual worlds and strong coffee. 

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Simon Green, Senior Developer

Simon joined NZRS in early 2017 having spent over 20 years in the IT industry. He has worked for multiple ISPs in New Zealand and Australia, and also worked for Red Hat.  As a member of the development team Simon is responsible for the development and support of core .nz software systems. 

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Sonya Trompetter, Applications Support Analyst

Sonya has recently joined NZRS.  A career change has seen her return to the IT sector after working as a Vet for the past 10 years. Brought into the Applications Support role to make use of the analytical skills she gained in both of her careers - her first career included a variety of IT roles such as Systems, Data and Test Analysis in the IT Sector here in Wellington as well as in London.

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Heiko Wanning, Senior Web Developer

Before joining the NZRS team, Heiko has, among other things, co-founded a small start up for social hitch hiking, developed code for the biggest news site in NZ and co-designed and implemented a client-server-architecture used in border security systems in the EU and for reconnaissance in Afghanistan.  He is interested in data analysis and languages and loves playing Volleyball and Underwater Rugby. 

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Kesara Rathnayake, Senior Web Developer

Kesara has worked on various projects in the areas of web application development, enterprise search engines, web hosting platforms and domain name management over the past 7 years.
He is passionate about FOSS, AI, photography, music and cricket. 

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Jing Qiao, Internet Researcher

Jing joined NZRS in early 2016 after moving with her family from Beijing. Jing started her career in 2009 in CNNIC, the .cn Registry, where she has been focused on DNS Analysis, R&D and DNS Server Testing. After that Jing has been mainly working in a Testing area for private and public IT companies in Beijing and Wellington. Jing was keen on sports like badminton, table tennis and swimming in China and could not wait to explore her new life here in New Zealand. 

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Huayi Jing, Junior Data Scientist

Huayi is a new kiwi. Before joining NZRS in early-2016, she worked as a research engineer in National University of Singapore where she developed her mathematical modelling and data analysis skills to find business insights. She believes data is the present and the future and she is very excited to learn and grow in the data scientist career. Recently, she fell in love with sketching and found it amazing to draw different objects and texture using just one pencil. Also, she is very excited about getting her first dog.