The Company

NZRS Limited (previously New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited), is a limited liability company formed in 2002 to operate and manage the registration of .nz domain names and the operation of the .nz Domain Name System (DNS). Since then our scope has widened, and we provide additional services to support the local Internet community.

We work closely with our sibling organisation, Domain Name Commission Ltd (DNCL), who authorise registrars, set the policy for .nz and monitor our service level agreement.

NZRS is 100% owned by InternetNZ, the membership society that protects and promotes the Internet. InternetNZ is the manager of the .nz country code, recognised as such by ICANN, and has delegated the running of .nz to us and DNCL, also a 100% owned subsidiary. The terms of this delegation are set out in our operating agreement with InternetNZ. All our annual reports to our shareholder are published in our section on governance documents.

All three companies are registered charities. As set out in our company constitution, the charitable objects of NZRS are those of its shareholders (InternetNZ) and all profits are distributed solely for the benefit of its shareholders.

We have an independent board of five directors appointed by InternetNZ, one of whom is also an elected councillor of InternetNZ. We follow best practice in all aspects of governance and registry operations as much as possible for a company of our size.

Our Role in .NZ

NZRS is the registry for .nz, which means that we keep the definitive register of .nz domain names. We also operate the DNS servers for .nz, without which these domain names would not work.

We do not sell domain names directly to the public but through authorised registrars who buy domain names from us on behalf of their customers. All transactions with us take place using our fully automated provisioning system, which is available 24 hours a day. To become a registrar a company must first be authorised by DNCL and then demonstrate that they can connect to our provisioning system correctly. Registrars must also sign a contract with both DNCL and us.

This market structure is called the Shared Registry System and the automated provisioning system is called SRS after that. The Shared Registry System was created to ensure that registrants (the people that buy domain names) have a competitive market of registrars to choose from and can freely move between registrars.

The current wholesale domain name fee is $1.25 per domain name per month, exclusive of GST. Registrars are free to set whatever retail price they wish for .nz domain names and prices do vary.

Please note that while most registrars will also sell .com, .net and other top-level domains (TLDs) we have no role in selling or provisioning those other domain names.

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals


A better world through a better Internet.


To provide world class critical Internet infrastructure and authoritative Internet data.


The Board, management and staff are committed to the following set of values in the way NZRS operates:

  • Ethical behaviour shown by professional practice with integrity.
  • Excellence in service and systems through continuous improvement, technological innovation and understanding the customers.
  • Independence of contribution, diversity of views, evidence-based opinion.
  • Commitment to leadership, innovation and an outward focus.
  • Inclusive approach, accessible and uncomplicated.
  • Respect for fair competition in the market place through efficiency and transparency.

These values shape the culture of the company.

Strategic Goals

Our five strategic goals are to:

  1. Deliver a world-class domain name service to registrars, their customers and all Internet users.
  2. Deliver world-class registry services that continually improve.
  3. Support InternetNZ through tangible contributions of income, governance and management resources, and expert knowledge.
  4. Develop our services and technology within a long term evolutionary framework to meet the future needs of Internet users.
  5. Deliver, in partnership with DNCL, a successful long term strategy for .nz.